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Designer Information

Looking for a fun new design project? Collaborate with a local chef to design a tablescape based on the culinary theme for a table of 8-10 guests!

Each design team will decorate a table on Thursday, May 2nd, based on a theme chosen by the designer and chef coordinating with the food provided for the table.

Designers are welcome to create a lively centerpiece, adorn the table with artwork, and more…

Get creative and showcase your talent to sponsors and guests while supporting Focus on Home’s mission to furnish homes for families transitioning out of homelessness!

The following will be provided for each designer:

  • A table of choice (round, rectangle, or serpentine) for 8-10 guests
    • Designers/teams are also welcome to bring their own!
  • Standard event chairs
  • Serving ware, plate ware, and silverware (provided by chef)
  • Dollies for unloading


  • All tables will be arranged on the Main floor of the OKC Farmers Market. Please let us know the dimensions needed for your space and list the structures that will be present such as fountains, walls, or lighting stands.


Each design team will split a 20-amp circuit with another team.

***All designers and chefs are responsible for supplying their own extension cords***


  • The room will utilize the can lighting that will be adjusted to be low lit for the evening.
  • Candles will not be permitted
  • We will not be able to hang lighting structures from the Farmer’s Market ceiling
  • Teams will be allowed to provide their own secured structure to hang lights and any other décor material from.


  • Dinner & Glassware should be coordinated with the design team to fit the concept.
  • Free tabletop rentals are being made available by Vintage Tabletop Rentals! Contact Britanny Cast at (405)550-2421 or if you would like to discuss what rentals are available to fit your theme.

Information Needed from Your Team:

Please Return This Completed Information, along with your Menu & Chef Photo to Nicole Thomas; NO LATER than Monday, April 8th.


  • Does Chef need access to one 20-amp circuit?
  • Does Design Team need access to a shared 20-amp circuit?


  • If you provide your own table, please let us know if it will seat: 8 guests or 10 guests
  • If you would like us to provide a table, which would you prefer?
    • Rectangle – 8’ x 30”
    • Round – 60” round or 72” round
    • Serpentine – 60”


  • Are you providing your own linens?
  • Would you like us to provide a linen for your table?
  • Please indicate the linen for your appropriate table size/style
    • Rectangle – 90” x 132” Black Polyester
    • Round – 90” Black Polyester
    • Serpentine–Black Spandex


  • Are you providing your own chairs?
  • If you would like us to provide chairs for you, which of the following would you prefer and how many?
    • Mahogany Padded Garden Chair
    • White Padded Garden Chair
    • Black Padded Garden Chair


  • Footprint – What dimensions are needed for your space?
  • Structures – Please tell us what items will be added to your space so that we can plan accordingly such as:
    • Walls/Framing structures
    • Fountains
    • Lighting Stands
    • Any Closed Off Sides (Please describe)

***We ask that any walls/structures built please do NOT block the line of sight for any other tablescape***

Name of Your Design/Culinary Theme

Design Concept Statement (2 to 3 sentences)

Chef Bio (2 to 3 sentences)


Chef Photo

List of Design Team Contributors/Participants


Please Return This Completed Information, along with your Menu & Chef Photo to Nicole Thomas; NO LATER than Monday, April 8th.

For questions about designer participation, please contact Nicole Thomas at Epic Events, 405.706.7484.

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