The 7th Annual Design Appétit 2023 is an exciting 3-part event that supports Focus on Home.The fun starts on Wednesday, October 4th with our kick-off Cocktail Party and continues intoThursday, October 5th with a Luncheon and a Gala. There are many ways to experienceREVERIE–come to one, come to all… Create your own experience

The theme of Design Appétit 2023 is REVERIE where Your Imagination Is Your Only Limitation.

Guests can experience Design Appetit in three ways. First, at the Cocktail Party we will havea DJ, dancing and plenty of surprises. Next we have our Luncheon where guests will enjoy a niceplated lunch, raffle prizes and our keynote speaker, Dr. Chan Hellman from The Hope ResearchCenter. Finally, at our Gala guests can expect an immersive, multi-sensory dining experiencewhere creative teams prepare uniquely designed dining spaces that are paired with the talents ofa local chef to create a personalized table side experience where design meets cuisine, and don’tforget an unforgettable live auction.

Each space should be ready by Wednesday Oct 4th 4:00 pm. Cocktail party begins7:00 pm on Oct 4th. Luncheon and Gala will be held on Oct 5th. Lunch begins at 11:00 am and ends at1:00pm. The Gala cocktail hour begins at 6:00 pm and dinner is served at 7:00 pm.

Dr. Chan Hellman will be speaking at Design Appétit 2023. Dr. Hellman is the Director of theHope Research Center.

Each space will be 18’ x 20’, which needs to include designed space and the chef and two prep tables.

Each team consists of a Design Team and a Chef/Restaurant. Each team will provide a multi-course dinner for 8 guests in a uniquely themed setting. The teams are a collaboration of ideas and talents for the creation of a multi-sensory experience. Additionally, each team is encouraged to work with community partners who can help contribute to the execution of the design.

Yes, electricity will be provided for every team. Each team needs to provide Focus on Homewith power requirement needs. Each team provides their own extension cords.

Design teams are encouraged to provide their own table, however, a 72” round table or 72” or96” rectangular table, can be provided upon request. Black and white table clothes can also beprovided upon request. Colored table linens provided by each team.

Design teams are expected to provide their own chairs.

Each team will be able to hang from the ceiling (100lb limit). Free-standing walls and structures can be built on site, but not required.

Designer benefits include a website and social media presence, free admissionto the CocktailParty for all members, discounts for lunch tickets ($65 each) or tables ($500), and anindividualized video designer profile/highlight.

Design Appétit 2023 supports the operation of Focus on Home in creating stability for families by providing individualized furniture packages to families who lack the means to provide the items needed for a comfortable, dignified home. You can learn more about Focus on Home at