Chef Information

Each chef will be asked to prepare a 4-5 course meal on Thursday, October 21st for a table of 8 people and coordinate with a local designer to collaborate on the tablescape design to match the culinary theme.

We ask each chef to provide the following:

  • 4-5 Courses for 8 people
  • All serving ware, cookware, plate ware, silverware, warmers, and anything else needed to cook and plate meals for guests.
    ***OKC Zoo has some tableware available for use. We need know if planning to use Zoo tableware.

We will provide the following for each chef:

  • Dollies for unloading
  • Two 8’ prep tables
  • 2 servers / evening helpers


  • Each chef will have their own 20-amp circuit.


  • There will be a cocktail hour from 5:30 to 7:00 with a Host Bar.
  • Each table will have red and white wine pre-set on the table, provided by Focus on Home.
  • Chefs are also encouraged to pair courses with specialty wine, beer, or custom cocktail.

Prepping and Cooking

  • Two 8ft. prep tables will be provided for each chef next to the guest’s table.
  • Cooking capabilities will be limited to anything you can warm up via hot plate, heat lamp, crock-pot, and/or disposable food warmer.
  • Chefs are able to grill or prepare specialty items in Zoo kitchen, however, space is limited and must be approved before the event.
  • Limited electrical access will be provided. Extension cords must be provided by the Designer/Chef Team.
  • Ice and water will be available to chefs in the Zoo kitchen.


There will be a parking lot available at the back of the zoo, close to the venue.

Information Needed from Your Team:


  • Does Chef need access to one 20-amp circuit?
  • Does Design Team need access to a shared 20-amp circuit?


  • If you provide your own table, please let us know if it will seat: 8 guests
  • If you would like us to provide a table, which would you prefer?
    • Rectangle – 8’ x 30”
    • Round – 60” round or 72” round
    • Serpentine – 60”


  • Are you providing your own linens?
  • Would you like us to provide a linen for your table? If yes, Zoo has these available upon request: Color?
  • Please indicate the linen for your appropriate table size/style:
    • Rectangle – 90” x 132” Black Polyester
    • Round – 90” Black Polyester
    • Serpentine–Black Spandex


  • Are you providing your own chairs?
  • If you would like us to provide chairs for you, which of the following would you prefer and how many?
    • Bamboo
    • Banquet


  • Footprint – What dimensions are needed for your space?
  • Structures – Please tell us what items will be added to your space so that we can plan accordingly such as:
    • Walls/Framing structures
    • Fountains
    • Lighting Stands
    • Any Closed Off Sides (Please describe)

For questions about chef participation, please contact Joli Sanders: or 405.426.2646.